lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

HiStats online de nuevo

Por suerte, HiStats vuelve a estas disponible.

Ya me imaginaba buscando otro proveedor de sus servicios y volviendo a editar al código de los blogs, rehaciendo las estadísticas, ... Nada agradable.


Todo quedó en un susto, fue una falsa alarma.

Actualizado: 04/06/2008 de HiStats.

"Hi, i've slept nothing in the past 36 hours and my english today is even worse than ever... i'll try to explain at my best...
we NEVER host things in cheap Datacenter and lot of hour things are redoundant, we want to mantain high professional standards here and never try to save money buying cheap services even if histats is free with the update which is coming we already also bougth new server in usa ( and now in france and germany too) to ensure that speed increase and will not decrease due to new services added and new members reigstration with new update..
tonight anyway there has been an explosion at Datacenter 1: more infos here:
just 1 server was here.. but we have redoundant system so we already are up on another location to substitute that server the problem has been that theyr DNS nameserver was here.. and we were using theyr service from this server to point to all our servers ( since today i belived (like lot of other customers) that this server was redoundant! at least in theyr DC2) but we discovedered that is not ! :( ) they are one of most reliable company around, ask around and one thing on this magnitude are years that doesn't come out in servers Datacenter business... anyway they have today they have just plugged up again the DNS server and histats is working as before with no problems
In my life i never had a similar issue (30 hours) downtime to a server, however should not happens again now we are working to make also these dns server redoundant. some other famous (bigger than us also) statistics system have had same problem due to Theplanet explosion,
i hope to have replyed to all questions (unfortunately also was down so i can explain just now) will not happen again i'll prepare for all customer as backup which will be on someone of our european servers so will be faster for european users and will help if have problems like today.
finally now i can go to sleep, i hope that u are not too much angry with me, really to my side there was nothing i can do to get things up faster :( i'll place here some photo of the Datacenter explosion (some customer of theplanet are trying to get these) for your curiosity and placing up forum probably today so we can discuss if u need, a new mail is up for emergency cases (don't ask me here password lost or code wich doesn't work, code work fine for each sites, i'm watching servers traffics graph now and thigns are back just give a little hours or 2 to get cached
things to refresh) anyway the mail is: histats at gmail .com
Have a nice day and thanks for your comprension
Francesco Vigotti (histats ceo/creator)"

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